Montana-Grown Electro Thunder Funk

Bozeman, Montana grown Electro Thunder Funk Band


Live In Montana | NYE 2014

by Cure for the Common + Kitchen Dwellers

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Performed and recorded live by Cure for the Common and Kitchen Dwellers on New Year's Eve 12/31/2014 at the Eagles Ballroom in Bozeman, Montana. 

Audio Recording, Mixing and Mastering - Chuck Goodwin 

Cure for the Common:

Frank Douglas - Lighting Design 
Joe Sheehan - Drums and Vocals 
Jordan Rodenbiker - Bass and Vocals 
Steve Brown - Lead Vocals and Percussion 
Garrett Rhinard - Keys and Vocals 
Weston Lewis - Guitar and Vocals 
Matt Rogers - Lead Guitar 
Tully Olson - Trumpet 
Jon Gauer - Trombone 

Kitchen Dwellers - 

Torrin Daniels - Banjo and Vocals

Max Davies - Acoustic Guitar

Joe Funk - Bass and Vocals

Shawn Swain - Mandolin