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Laser Beretta

by Cure for the Common

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Laser Beretta, is a collection of music forged with intention—latent with urgency and emotion. It is a sound track to the turbulent and revolutionary state of the world we live in.


released 29 July 2013 

Cure for the Common is Garrett Rhinard (Keys and Lead Vocals), Joe Sheehan (Drums, Percussion and Vocals), Jordan Rodenbiker (Bass and Vocals), Matt Rogers (Guitar), Weston Lewis (Guitar and Vocals). 
Laser Beretta, all rights reserved 

Recorded by Bob Brown at Ships in Studios in Billings, MT and by Jesse Barney at RedBrain Media in Bozeman, MT 
Co-Produced by Jesse Barney and Cure for the Common 
Mixed by Jesse Barney 
Mastered by Stephen Marsh of Marsh Mastering 
Special Guests Ben Johns on Saxophones and Logan Stahley on Trumpet and Synthesizer 
Album Art by Wilson Raska 
Disc Printing by Oasis Manufacturing 
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Laser Beretta 
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Thank you to our fans, friends and families for making our sophomore album a reality. We truly could not have done it without you. Special thanks to 'Proud Papa' Jesse Barney, our record producer and band mentor, for the inspirational work done in the studio and elsewhere. Many many thanks to Bob Brown for giving us the best tracking session we have ever had as a band. We hope you like our 2nd album, Laser Beretta, may it find you well. We hope to see you on the dance floor someday soon!